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The United States possess many Scenic and Picturesque landscapes. I feel very fortunate to live here. Photography has been a hobby of mine since my college days. I took six semesters of photography, as a minor in college. Over my 50 years, I have visited many of our great National Parks and have been able to photograph some of their beauty. This Web Page allows me to share a part of my experiences with the rest of the members of the Internet. I hope you enjoy the photos. I plan to add more photographs and change the content as time permits. There will be many new additions in the  future. I took over 500 shots of Yosemite, the last three years, and hope to have some of the photos up for viewing soon.

If you have a Dial-Up connection this may be a slow site for viewing. Many of the photos are 769 x 512 in pixels and about 150k in size. They have been sized so that they fit inside the browser in full screen mode, if your monitor is set to 800 x 600.  Pressing the F11 key will make the browser go Full Screen. Pressing F11 a second time returns it to Normal Size. This works with Microsoft Internet Explorer and the Opera Browsers and maybe a few others. It does not work with the Netscape browsers. Each photo should take about 20-60 seconds to download depending on the server traffic.

 The Photo Gallery currently has photos of The Badlands, Mt. Rushmore, Big Sur, Monterey, CA., and Yellowstone. My favorite photo sets are of the Monterey Coastline, the Rocky Point - Garrapata section, and the photos of The Badlands. Each of the different sections of the site has it's own set thumbnail photos. To enlarge a photo, just click on the thumbnail and use the arrows to navigate between the photos. So, grab one of your favorite beverages and sit back and relax and enjoy the photos.

NEW!  I added a set of photos to the  Big Sur section. There are eight photos of McWay Falls which is located in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park. It is a beautiful waterfall that empties into an aqua green colored cove. I also rescanned the photos in the Rocky Point - Garrapata section of Big Sur, using my Minolta Diamge Scan Speed film scanner using the photos negatives. They are considerably more sharp and colorful than the original scans done on my Umax S6 flatbed scanner. Both set of photographs were done with my film scanner. They are worth taking a look at.

If you have any comments on my web page please drop me an E-mail at the link below. I encourage feedback, good or bad. This will help me improve my web page.


Click Here To Enter The Scenic Photos Gallery


Click Here To Enter The Scenic Photos Gallery


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